Visual Studio SDK 4.0 November 2006 CTP is released!!

Guess what the November 2006 CTP version of the Visual Studio 2005 SDK Version 4 has been released. You can get this release by signing into One of the major themes for this release has been to serve our Control vendors who would like their controls to automatically appear on Visual Studio's toolbox. Listed below are some of the key features shipped with this release.

  • ToolboxControlsInstaller Package Redistributable
  • Controls sample (which demonstrates using the above ToolboxControlsInstaller)
  • Sample showing how to use the VsIdeHostAdapter (look in the  Example.EditorWithToolbox\IntegrationTests folder)
  • Sandcastle now shipping in the VS SDK
  • New Setup UI
  • Setup MSI Caching (helps in uninstall/repair scenarios)
  • Better behavior under Vista/UAC

We have also refactored the Power Toys from the VS SDK setup so you do not have to install the SDK just to get to them. You can can find these Power Toys here.

Over time the VS SDK team will be releasing sources for interesting Visual Studio 2005 Extensions on CodePlex for the community to participate in. We have kicked off this effort by releasing the Source Code Outliner sources. Feel free to contribute and enhance.

Happy Extending!!!

Dr. eX