PLoP 2008 Call for Papers

                        CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

    15th Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP 2008)

      October 18-20, 2008 - co-located with OOPSLA 2008
                   Nashville, Tennessee, USA


              Papers Submission deadline is May 2nd



Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP(tm)) conference is a premier event for pattern authors and pattern enthusiasts to gather, discuss and learn more about patterns and software development.

The conference program offers pattern authors an unique opportunity to have their pattern languages reviewed by fellow authors, which occurs mainly in the form of Writers' Workshops.

Authors and non-authors will find in the different PLoP activities (Writers' Workshops, Focus Groups, BoF sessions, BootCamp, Games) many opportunities to learn more about patterns and pattern writing.

As a whole, the conference provides a friendly and effective environment to give and get feedback, to share expertise, and to allow the participants to improve their patterns and make them more useful and more publishable.

At the Hillside Group web site you can learn more about patterns, writing patterns, PLoP conferences, previous PLoP's, and more.

PLoP's are unique conferences based on a strong community, a community of trust.

Join the community! Come to PLoP!


May 2: Paper submissions due
May 19: Shepherding begins
July 4: Shepherd recommendations due
July 21: Notification of acceptance
Sep 26: Conference Drafts due
Oct 17: Pre-PLoP Bootcamp
Oct 18: First Day of PLoP


The purpose of PLoP is to promote development of pattern languages on all aspects of software, including design and programming, software architecture, user interface design, domain modeling, and software process.

Patterns related with aspects, AOP, and domain-specific patterns are especially encouraged this year.

*Paper* submissions may include short papers, containing one or more patterns, longer pattern languages or sequences, or work-in-progress papers willing to get an in-depth shepherding by an experienced pattern author at the conference.

Papers are sought on topics related to patterns and pattern languages,
* Patterns and pattern languages
* Critiques of patterns and pattern languages
* Research on patterns and pattern languages
* Case studies of the use of patterns and pattern languages

Papers will be peer-reviewed to be accepted for the shepherding process.
During shepherding, authors will have assigned a shepherd that will help the author to improve the content and style of the paper. At the end of the shepherding process, papers will be reviewed again to be accepted into the writer's workshops of the conference. Authors will receive early feedback within two weeks of submission, and a final result at the end of July.

PLoP is run in the "writers' workshop" style. As no more than 15 pages can be properly covered in a session, the normal size of papers is 15 pages or less. Short papers are encouraged! Longer papers are possible, especially for pattern languages, but authors of long papers will have to work with the workshop leader to select a portion of the paper to be covered in the workshop. Authors of books-in-progress who would like to have their work reviewed at PLoP should contact the chairs.

*Focus groups* are free-format discussion groups or workshops aimed at bringing together people interested in a hot topic related to patterns or proven practices, for a period of about two hours.

These sessions might focus on very different topics and issues related to patterns, ranging from writing to using, organising, or adopting patterns. Focus group proposals should include a brief description of the topic to be addressed, objectives, format, conditions for participation (e.g. invitation, submission, free, etc), and a schedule outline. Proposals addressing interdisciplinary topics and topics from other domains than software development are especially encouraged.
Non-conventional formats are welcome.

Focus group proposals are reviewed by the program committee. Focus group leaders are expected to write a report to be part of the final conference proceedings.


All submissions must be done by *May 2* using the online submission system.


The conference version of the papers will be publicly available, individually, by writers' workshop, and into the preliminary conference proceedings.

Being feedback and improvement the focus of the writers' workshops, papers are not considered final once they have been workshopped. Authors incorporate the feedback they receive at the writers' workshop into their papers before the papers go into the final proceedings to be produced after the conference, which will be made available on the website.


    * Conference Chair: Joseph Yoder (The Refactory Inc., USA)
    * Program Chair: Ademar Aguiar (FEUP & INESC Porto, Universidade do Porto, Portugal)
    * Publicity & BootCamp: Linda Rising (Independent Consultant, USA), Bob Hanmer (Alcatel-Lucent, USA)

Program Committee

    * Ademar Aguiar (INESC Porto/University of Porto, Portugal)
    * Joseph Yoder (The Refactory Inc., USA)
    * Linda Rising (Independent Consultant, USA)
    * Richard P. Gabriel (IBM Research, USA)
    * Bob Hanmer (Alcatel-Lucent, USA)
    * Uwe Zdun (Vienna Technical University, Austria)
    * Paulo Borba (Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil)
    * Eduardo Fernandez (Florida Atlantic University, USA)
    * Rosana Teresinha Vaccare Braga (ICMC, University of São Paulo, Brazil)
    * Hironori Washizaki (National Institute of Informatics, Japan)
    * Peter Sommerlad (Institut für Software, Switzerland)
    * Jason Yip (ThoughtWorks, Australia)
    * Klaus Marquardt (Dräger Medical, Germany)
    * Juha Pärssinen (VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland)
    * Pavel Hruby (CSC, Denmark)
    * Lise Hvatum (Schlumberger, USA)
    * Ralph Johnson (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
    * Sérgio Soares (University of Pernambuco, Brazil)
    * Nobukazu Yoshioka (National Institute of Informatics, Japan)
    * António Rito Silva (INESC-ID/Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal)
    * Michael Jackson (Independent Consultant, UK)


For more detailed information, please visit the PLoP'08 website.

PLoP is a registered trademark of The Hillside Group, Inc.