25 apps for christmas–remote access

i use a lot of different computers (desktops, laptops, tablets, touchscreens, netbooks, etc.) and access to data is always the most important thing (it doesn’t matter if i have the program – most of the time i need access to my data in that program), the application(s) are not far behind (i like posting to this blog with live writer 2011 – i need that application to do so) and then the system i’m on comes into play (not having a keyboard has some advantages but not when i’m trying to compose a post!).  in many situations, i leverage a remote access technology from microsoft or someone else to accomplish this.

1.  remote desktop connection (included in windows 7 and is available for windows vista service packs, for windows xp service pack 3 and for the mac)

this is the program i use most often to connect to systems at work and at home.  the windows 7 version gives the full windows 7 experience that you expect even when connecting from a remote system.


accessing my windows 7 desktop remotely from a windows 7 netbook (notice the scroll bars!)


accessing the same windows 7 desktop from a macbook

2.  file/printers, computer management or the windows 7 remote server administration tools

sometimes it’s not the system itself that i need remote access to, but data or configuration information and i either use remote shares (or services), computer management or the windows 7 rsat tools to accomplish these tasks.


3.  windows live mesh 2011


live mesh 2011 allows me to get to my desktop system from anywhere.


also available from my windows live devices page.

there are a lot of other technologies that allow remote access – these are the three types of connections i use most often.