6 years ago today...

i began my journey at microsoft.  i was really excited and couldn't think of a better fit than the job and the company i was about to start at for me and my career.  there were a few things that happened that i found amusing.  that first day i received my "blue badge" (full time microsoft employees are issued smartcards with our photographs on them - with a blue background).  when they took my picture for the badge, the photographer jotted down "dan rey - checkered shirt" - i almost asked why are you noting what i'm wearing - you've got my name and a picture of me (and i was 1 of 2 pictures she was taking that day) but then i thought that she must provide the pictures to someone else who needs to create our badges and won't know which is which.  the person who was going through orientation with us (a group of about 5 from different groups) couldn't get her laptop to project - i thought this must be a test so i offered to help and got it all setup.  lunch was the final memorable thing that first day.  edward green and i went to lunch with our manager and at lunch our manager told us that we would be reporting to someone else on tuesday!

some things i was not aware of that 1st day and wished i had been aware of:

1) how awesome microsoft benefits are.  i had been self employed before joining microsoft and so i thought let's keep our benefits with my wife's company.  microsoft benefit's are so much better and had i known that, i would have immediately switched to them.

2) the giving campaign we have every october.  the amount of money you donate to non profits is matched by microsoft (my wife's company has this benefit, but there is a much lower maximum amount that is matched) and volunteering at a non profit, microsoft matches your time with either software or cash.

3) what a great journey this company would provide.  i started microsoft not knowing if i would enjoy the work, get along with the people, have my career cultivated (training, opportunities, recognition, etc.) and it's been so much better than even what i imagined that first day.

microsoft was recently awarded the best multinational workplace award from great place to work and i agree!