aka.ms and a squirrel's nest

Today I was setting up a couple URL with the Microsoft Social Experience Platform (SXP) shortening service, aka.ms and in one search on Bing found out that my Microsoft alias, drey, is what you call a squirrel's nest.  Instead of typing in blogs.technet.com/drey, I shortened it to aka.ms/drey

This is also one example of what Windows Azure can do.  I'm just beginning to dabble in Azure now that it also have Virtual Machines in the latest preview version.  I read through aka.ms to learn more about the service I began to consume. I've received at least 10 aka.ms links in the past, but to put the platform to use for me is pretty cool.

So now that I've gotten a taste for what the Social Experience Platform can do, watch out!  I can now link to all shorts of places on various Microsoft sites, like aka.ms/bythenumbers.  I'm sure there are more I'll think of this fall, but for now, these two will be sufficient.