closing out 2015 - digitizing toastmasters

It's the last day of 2015 and I've got 10 OneDrive templates to share with the International Toastmasters community.  If you are involved with Toastmasters, you probably find the speech program somewhat antiquated from a mobile/modern collaboration perspective.  The 10 speeches are in a physical manual (that you have to remember to bring to meetings) and each speech project has an evaluation page.  The evaluation information is to help you, the member, improvement with feedback from an experienced member of Toastmasters (and over those first 10 speeches you can have different evaluators provide you written feedback).  After you complete the 10 speeches, the Vice President of Education for your club completes a form with the dates, speech titles and evaluator of you speeches to complete your Competent Communicator (CC).  I have digitized these 10 evaluation forms so a member, club, area, division or district can make the tracking of these evaluations completely digital.!45559&authkey=!AJCq8WLe2Ki2N34&ithint=file%2cxlsx

If you go to this page which is an online Excel survey, you can fill out the information for a speech.  You could shorten and make this link friendly and easy for someone to remember like -  Then whoever fills this out can have for their record (or their club, area, division or district) a digital record of when, where what and who evaluated their speech.  I've done this for all 10 speech projects - just need to figure out the best distribution method of these 10 templates.