day 2: the most complex upgrade yet…

Live and learn.  I began yesterday’s post with a brief summary of my Sony Vaio VPCL22SX 24” All in One touch screen (Windows 7 Home Premium – anytime upgraded to Windows 7 Professional – runs 3d Blu Rays, TV Tuner, Blu Ray writer, etc.) and that this being my most complex/involved system to upgrade.  It’s been a great learning experience and it is a testament to how much time and effort we are placing on the upgrade vs. wipe and reload.  Here we are in day 2 and I’ve learned some additional lessons:

1.  Just because Microsoft (and I) am ready, doesn’t mean the OEM (Sony).  I thought this was the best test because Sony has exited the computer business (my other Windows 7 systems are from current OEMs) – but Sony does not suggest you upgrade just yet I like being on the bleeding edge, and that’s where I find myself.

2.  Touch screen drivers were working until I uninstalled Vaio Update (I can’t tell if these are related directly or not).  I was receiving errors about Vaio Update so I uninstalled it (that worked fine), but then noticed touch drivers weren’t working.  That’s when I found the note from #1 (searching for touchscreen drivers).  I found a Windows 8 era package that doesn’t seem to work on Windows 10.  I mentioned no one even knew this was a touch screen, so not big deal (and Sony is working on drivers – yay!)

Touch Screen Driver

3.  Returning to Windows 7 did not work.  This I’m certain is my fault – I have removed recovery partitions and setup this Sony as a Dual Boot.  The screens were there and it made a valiant effort to remove Windows 10, but that’s what I get for deleting and shrinking partitions.

Screenshot (4)

First the lessons learned now for all the good news – Minecraft just works.  My son did show excitement that we might have Windows 7 again – he said he doesn’t like the new look (I’m going to ask him again in a week – he’s gonna love have new games including the Windows 10 Minecraft Beta).  Windows Hello is setup on my new system (everyone just sits down and it logs them in) – I needed a new camera (Intel RealSense Dev Kit – webcam and infrared cameras required for sensing depth) but logging in without a password, picture or pin is just cool (my wife will be the real world judge of whether it’s just cool or truly useful).  Old programs seem to be functional (I’m still working back through the old programs I use, but so far, they are all operational) and any of the new stuff runs side by side with the old.  Printer drivers are there so I might as well test printing out this post now…  Prints just fine.

Family happy = father happy.  No on to another system (there are plenty more stories to write/share!)