february post

i haven’t had a formal post in almost a month, so this one has some information that’s been accumulating in my head or other places on the internet.  on february 11th i presented the keynote at sit (students involved with technology).  i showed ford sync, microsoft tag and then some of the translation work that microsoft research is doing with the lync and windows live messenger teams.


windows live messenger – add mtbot@hotmail.com and it can translate between languages for you!

microsoft research’s songsmith, photosynth and integration into bing maps were also shown


using a smartboard, demonstrating one of the photosynth’s integrated into bing maps of the chicago skyline.


everyone’s favorite part was the interactive demonstration of mouse mischief (pairing multiple mice with powerpoint 2007 or 2010 so that either individuals or teams can answer multiple choice questions).  as an educator, you can either show the correct answer or just gauge where your class is with the lesson or your curriculum and it uses regular, inexpensive mice!

there was also a gadget room where the kids could get hands on with all-in-one pcs, slates and other technology.