first post in november – wow!

today is mainly a catch up day for me and in looking back it’s been really fun month.  the first week i spent 3 days meeting with customers and then met with dell to discuss windows 7 plans and pilots.  on friday my family and i took a much needed vacation to florida to visit with family, go to disney and check out universal studios for the first time.  upon returning i met with a customer that has completely rolled out vista in the last 6 months and discussed windows 7, enterprise features and 64 bit capabilities, piloting and adoption.  the 3rd week we ran our first two deployment hands on labs in downers grove which went really well.  cwug (chicago windows user group) met on thursday, november 19th in downers grove and i squeezed two other meetings with customers in (one about windows 7 features for developers and the other about windows 7 enterprise capabilities with demonstrations).

thanksgiving week started with two more in person customer meetings – i got through the windows weekly podcasts i had missed while on vacation, and also downloaded new albums by bad lieutenant (bernard sumner’s new band) and rakim with my zune pass.  the updates to the xbox 360 for facebook, twitter, lastfm and zune arrived and i downloaded the new history channel world war ii documentary in hd.  the xbox messenger kit has been getting a lot more use than just to transfer my xbox live gold account between two consoles lately.

so that brings us up to catch up day – i had a chance to install the 64 bit version of office 2010 beta (a coworker came up with the following humorous screen shot of his taskbar)


i don’t drink wine, but i have been known to drink a can or two of diet dr. pepper or diet pepsi, so here’s mine:


hopefully i will also find time for an update on boot from vhd on windows xp and our deployment training course today – but if not i promise this before the end of november.  have a safe and happy thanksgiving everyone!