it's friday afternoon and seems like an appropriate time to post a couple paragraphs about things i've been doing in my spare time both computer and non computer-related.  a couple of things i've been doing on the computer include learning the dvorak keyboard (i'm downloading mavis beacon software right now for a weekend of practice) and upgrading computers to ie9 and windows 7 service pack 1.  this time of year is also when i get back out on my bicycles and hopefully this weekend will be warm enough to do some riding.  my favorite comedian brian regan is coming to peoria and joliet later this spring, so i'm sure we'll plan a trip to see him again.  music and movies have always been another thing i either combine with computers (listening to music or have watching a movie or show on tv while on a computer).  we saw the adjustment bureau which both eva and i liked and afterwards i learned it's based upon a short story "the adjustment team" which was 1 or 2 dollars for the kindle edition (i'll either read it on a computer, my phone or my wife's kindle).

i start next week (on sunday morning) at a horse farm (my daughter rides) and getting together with my "little" (i'm a big brother) on monday evening.  we're considering foster care for a dog through our local animal shelter tails and i'm going to begin volunteering their with my daughter soon.  my son takes guitar lessons and is playing trombone in middle school band, so spring concerts have begun.  time to practice on the dvorak keyboard!