kindle madness and how full is your bucket?

i have finally made a convert to the amazon kindle - my wife (and hopefully soon my parents or at least my father).  i shouldn't take any of the credit - her friend (and my high school classmate) amy actually did all the work.  i've been toying with the idea ever since it came out (since my wife loves to read), but she told me it didn't interest her.  i'm very selective in what i read (you can also read the previous sentence as "i don't read for pleasure very often at all") but most recently have been on a bit of a streak.  most recently i incorporated three gallup books (how full is your bucket, wellbeing and strengths finder 2.0) into a toastmasters email (and called out my 5 strengths from an assessment a couple of years ago).  my mom and dad immediately purchased how full is your bucket and the kids book for his grandkids (my kids) and it just reinforced what i've known for a while (but didn't always practice) - being kind to others makes you feel better and hopefully is returned to you as part of the process.  one of my strengths was connectedness and this bucket concept fits in really well.