mrs. farley

mrs. farley taught math and she was one of the most influential teachers i had in high school. i remember her making entrances on roller skates and making almost every day in her classroom entertaining and unpredictable. she gave me extra points on senior skip day (my dad was on the school board at the time and apparently felt it easier to explain why the one senior at schooi was his son than why every other one was "sick"), and made me want to be an entertaining yet informative presenter (obviously i'm obsessed with computers and technology - if i can share that passion and some tech humor with others i feel great).

she also taught one of the few computer courses i had in high school. it was on an apple computer (we had an ibm pc at home) and we learned a bit about basic programming. her enthusiasm for both math and computers was contagious and she always kept you guessing about what you were in store for when you walked into her classroom. this time of year i always find myself thankful for the many teachers that inspired me and those that teach and inspire my kids today.

i hope many of you that have had a teacher or a mentor will also take the time to reach out and thank those that shared their knowledge, passion and caring to go an extra mile to make you the best that you could be. i know our kids have both had their share of really great formal and informal teachers already (and they are only in elementary and middle school - high school is still a whole year away for our eldest)

one of the other teachers at my high school mentioned that mrs. farley still lives in the community and i have often though of contacting her to let her know the impact she had on me all those years ago. i thought i'd begin by posting one or two of my fondest memories of her on my blog. i wonder even in retirement if she still uses computers and touching base with her is on my personal todo list. here's to mrs. farley and other teachers who inspired or continue to inspire students daily.