musical floppies at students involved with technology 2013 conference

Scott Belluzzi and Sasha Ebrahimi presented at Students Involved with Technology along with my kids, nieces and my daughter’s best friend.  Students Involved with Technology is a yearly conference with presentations by students for students 3rd – 12th grade.  My son began presenting two years ago and last year my daughter was old enough to present.  It’s an opportunity for kids to experience technology through their peers and for the fortunate adults who volunteer or sponsor the youth to learn a thing or two in the process.

Scott and Sasha’s presentation was using floppy drives to create music.  Scott used an Arduino board from Radio Shack and information he found on the Internet after getting the idea from a Youtube video.  Sam’s cousins Ysabella and Magdalena brought up their green screen and showed a couple video editing tips and tricks (and some of the videos they have made over the years).  Audrey and her best friend Maddie showed a few of their favorite art programs on Windows 8 (Doodleinator Free, Draw Free and Fresh Paint) and a capacitive paint brush by Sensu that works with touch screens.

Students Involved with Technology 2013


Over 200 students participated this year in DeKalb and there were four other locations with great speakers and topics around Illinois.  For more information, check out and put the 2014 on your calendar – February 22nd, 2014!

SIT 2013 at DHS