my very first windows server technical preview 2 and nanoserver installs

Today I downloaded the Windows Server Technical Preview 2 and installed it on Hyper-V.  I then did a quick search to figure out how to install NanoServer.  The instructions were not clear on why you were doing certain steps (and also did a poor job of demonstrating my favorite feature - a small disk footprint!), so I came up with the following instructions:

1.  Download the Windows Server Technical Preview 2

2.  Install Windows Server Technical Preview 2 (optional - these steps should work from Server 2012 R2 or Windows 8.1 as well)

3.  Install the Windows 8.1 ADK (Automated Deployment Kit)

4.  Reference the instructions at

5.  Access a Windows PowerShell command prompt

6.  Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

7.  Download the Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 script referenced from

8.  mount the Windows Server Technical Preview as a drive letter (you should be able to double click on the ISO you downloaded on Windows 8 and Server 2012 versions or greater)

9.  copy the nanoserver folder from the Windows Server Technical Preview ISO to the C: drive

10. make a VHD folder on the C: drive

11.  .\Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 -WIM C:\nanoserver\NanoServer.wim -VHD c:\vhd\nanoserver1.vhd -disktype dynamic -VHDFormat VHD -sizebytes 30GB -Edition 1

12. Mount the VHD Mount-DiskImage –ImagePath ‘c:\vhd\nanoserver1.vhd’ this assigns a drive letter which you will use in the next set of steps to modify the NanoServer VHD

13. add Drivers for hosting Nano Server as a virtual machine Add-WindowsPackage –Path f:\ –PackagePath C:\NanoServer\Packages\

14. add File Server role and other storage components Add-WindowsPackage –Path f:\ –PackagePath C:\NanoServer\Packages\

15.  Dismount the VHD Dismount-DiskImage–ImagePath‘c:\vhd\nanoserver1.vhd’

16.  Now you should be able to add the VHD to Hyper-V and boot it (generation 1 type, point the wizard to your VHD)

Test these steps and let me know if you get your own NanoServer build up and running