my youtube channel - whoops!

i haven't posted a lot of videos to youtube and a couple that i did post were apparently marked because of the musical soundtrack (since i "created" the photo and video portion and own the music, i didn't think about using it to impress my grandma and other family members with my computer skills).  i noticed today that my account had been "suspended" - so i went ahead and requested it be set active again.  i had a few videos posted that i do care about (like using my ford vehicle's sync features), so i was hoping to correct my copywrite issues and continue posting geeky things about microsoft, windows, xbox, ford sync, family safety and other topics in the future.  it took less than a day for dreymsft to be back online.  it's my reminder to think twice about what i post this holiday season (when a lot of the creative use of the computer comes in...).