reload of the gateway lt

in september i bought a netbook and it came with vista home basic.  i installed windows  7 home premium on it and it’s been a great little workstation for web, email, streaming video, but i’ve been wanting to reload it from scratch for a while.  last night i finally got around to it.  the first thing i did was my favorite windows 7 thing to do – i shrunk the existing partition and installed windows 7 ultimate on a new partition making it dual boot.  then i started doing some comparisons and hope to answer the question about whether you are better off with a fresh install or an upgrade.

tasks gateway oem 01

task manager on the oem gateway load (and anything i loaded since september)

tasks gateway oem 02

here’s another cool windows 7 (or windows vista) task manager trick – right click on svchost.exe and go to service(s) – the service or services are then highlighted in blue

tasks gateway oem 03

pretty cool way to tell what’s running what

tasks gateway oem 04

task manager on the gateway

next post:  the results of a fresh windows 7 installation!