summer hardware, software and dogfood

it seems not a month goes by at microsoft where you aren’t testing something or submitting feedback on software.  if you enjoy living between what is here and what’s next, microsoft is a really fun place to work.  it’s obviously not the only company that is introducing new hardware, software and services, so here’s a list of some of the things i’m testing:

  1. slates and laptops
    i’ve got three new devices that i’m testing right now.  two of them are slates (no keyboard – just touch) and the third is a thin and light laptop.
  2. windows phone mango
    this is probably the update i’m enjoying the most.  this software update to windows phone 7 makes it even more fun and capable as a music device, camera and texting device.  you’ll certainly hear more about this soon
  3. office 365
    i use all of this for work, but i’m sure i’ll be using this summer.  it’s out, so technically it’s not dogfood.
  4. internet explorer 10 platform preview
    the road to windows 8 includes looking at the next version of the browser.  this will be on a couple of my computers this summer
  5. system center configuration manager 2012
    just noticed i’m in the dogfood for this at work.
  6. htc sensation
    yes – you read that correctly.  the first 4g phones on t-mobile are android and i’ve been wanting to test and compare/contrast some of the cloud based music services (it’s also now my hotspot while travelling)
  7. amazon cloud player
    i’ve been using amazon’s mp3 service for a while - watch for an update comparing this to the zune pass on computers and in mango.
  8. amazon ad-supported kindle
    i began using the kindle software on computers and phones.  my wife was the first of us to plunge into a kindle.  i’ve gotten hooked once i realized it would read regular books (and music) to me on the go.  you can read or see the screen in sunlight.  there aren’t a lot of devices i can say that about.
  9. amazon android appstore
    there were so many things from amazon on my summer list and here’s another one i wanted to check out.
  10. angry birds everywhere!
    whether it’s on the pc, slate (from intel’s app-up store), a smartphone or another device, this will be one of the ways we relax on our vacations.  it’s now on windows phone, so no one will be without it!
  11. foursquare
    location, location, location!  it’s in my phone, my photos and in my car.  i’m certain this will be my summer of foursquare with some of the trips we have planned.