there is only one teacher i can think of that i had and that my kids had in dekalb.  mrs. north was my reading tutor one summer in middle school and she has had both sam and audrey in music class.  many people i know have been doing something similar for many years but have changed employers frequently.  my wife just forwarded me an email from someone i worked with at my first professional it job that has been with the company for 20 years.  tenure in either what you do or where you do it can make you very valuable if you continually improve and reinvent yourself periodically.  i’ve typically spent 5 years learning a certain type of job or vocation really well and then moved on or focused on another aspect of information technology.  this year i’m at that point where i see that same opportunity, so stay tuned to see what’s next…

career changes over the last 20 years:

5 years – help desk/network administration

5 years – consulting

5 years – technical training

5 years – technical specialist

constants over the last 20 years:


microsoft windows

love for gadgets

training others and personal development


my top five strengths are connectedness, communication, ideation, adaptability, and activator