top ten april fools pranks at home, around town and on the web

yesterday was april fools day (or the beginning of my wife's birthday month) and the pranks were flying online.  here are 10 of my favorite this year. 

0. my wife woke up to say there was snow on the ground - she forgot i had already been outside to take out the trash #fail.  later that morning it snowed for a little while.

1. a good friend of ours "married" someone else on facebook for the day (doctored photo and all) - this takes my number 1 spot this year

2. twitter changes to 200 characters - thanks to @failwhale

3. 3d sound -

4. the toshiba tubetop - an inflatable laptop 

5. groupon owns april fools day

6. much worse than being rick rolled - one of the links i found on twitter labelled #aprilfools (would have been funny if linked to a site like furnitureporn)

7. huffington post digital subscriptions

on you can view the first 6 letters of each word at no charge (including slideshows of adorable kittens). after 6 letters, we will ask you to become a digital subscriber. you may choose to subscribe to see the rest of each word individually, or choose a package to access all words of more than 6 letters. this is an example of what you will see:

"Today the Obama admini-[click here to continue word for a small fee] said that the interv- [click here to continue word for a small fee] in Libya would contin-[click here to continue word for a small fee] indefi [click here to continue word for a small fee]..."



8.  youtube's flugelhorn feline from 1911 -

9. change family or friends computer search results to another language\#stackState=0\_\ 

10. techcrunch's list