truly amazing day

4 installations later and windows 8 is running on many of the touch devices i have at my disposal.  so far i have loaded the windows 8 consumer preview on a lenovo x220t, samsung series 7 slate, acer 1420p (the 2009 pdc tablet) and a dell duo convertible.  i also created a windows to go installation and tested this on a few of the machines above as well as an acer iconia w500.  it's going to be a busy week at work loading systems and arranging test systems for customers, but that's part of what makes working for microsoft so much fun.  can't wait to begin using windows 8 as my primary operating system - it's definitely that functional.  i did an inplace upgrade on the dell duo, the other 3 installations were dual boot configurations.

the downloads, product guide and so many of the supporting tools and utilities were released today that i will probably be digesting most of the content for the month of march.  i watched the leap day episode of modern family with my wife to end the day.  this will be one of those days/dates that i won't forget (from a geek/work perspective).