what teachers make, kiwanis and GIVE

Taylor Mali has inspired 1,000 teachers through his poetry and 12 year quest.  Although he reached the goal, it will be interesting to see how many more will be influenced through those 1,000 and his books, poetry and performances.  My wife Eva just finished her presidency as DeKalb Kiwanis President.  She had a saying that will stick with me of "surrounding herself with good people".  One thing that occurred to me is that by doing so (surrounding herself with good people) - guess who might find themselves at the center of all those good people?  She did an excellent job and I'm really proud of her.  I joined Kiwanis a year ago and it's goal of serving the children of the world is one I can be passionate about.  This month is Microsoft's annual Giving campaign - an opportunity to give back to the communities and charities that employees are involved with - Tuesday I'll be bowling with my Little as a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters.  On top of all this, my father has decided to run for mayor of DeKalb.  There's going to be a lot to be thankful for when looking back on 2012!