Orlando Day 1 (Monday)

Whoa! There are a lot people here and this place is big. I am going to get my exercise going from one break-out session to another. Today we had two breakout sessions in our International Virtual track. One was given by Michael Kapland on SQL Internationalization and then Houman Pournasseh and Russ Rolfe gave one on the process of Internationalizing your Product Cycle Model. I know we appreciated all of you that were able to come. We would like to see many more of you.

On Tuesday is a session at 1:30 given by Microsoft employee Yong Rhee on how to Deploy Windows XP in a International Environment (Breakout session DSK350 in room N 210 B). I think you will find this very helpful to all of you who are in the process of rolling out Windows in a global enterprise. Espically the ones that have to deal with many world locations and different languages besides.

Also don't forget to stop by the Dr. International booth in the Community Cabana. We have many experts there who can help you with your international questions. (Don't forget that there still is the contest going on about reveling who Dr. International is.)

See you in the Breakout sessions or at our Dr. International Clinic.