Orlando Day 2 (Tuesday)

Yong Rhee had some very good questions come at his Deploying Windows MUI (Multilingual User Interface) breakout session.  One of the best questions, is one I get all the time.  What is the difference between a regular version of Windows and the MUI version?  Let it first be noted that Windows XP English (as well as any other version of Windows XP) has multilanguage support right out of the box.  What I mean by this is that Windows XP has everything you need to display and create text in multiple languages (including Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Thai, Hindi, as well as German, French, Russian, Spanish and over 100 other languages). 

What the MUI technology adds is the capability of the user to choose what language to display the operating systems menus, dialogs, system messages and help. That means that you can have one machine that can behave as if the English, Japanese and German localized versions where installed on it at the same time.  This allows large corporations to roll out the same worldwide image with a single install job. Local users can then select the user interface language or it can be set by Group Policy for Organizational Units. To find out more about MUI version of windows go see my FAQ at: http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/DrIntl/faqs/lipfaq.mspx

Speaking of MUI, today, Wednesday June 8, Michael Jorden (no not Michael JordOn) is speaking about the MUI capability of Office and how to deploy this along with the Windows MUI technology to make management of the multilingual desktop in a global enterprise more cost effective.  His session is DSK345 -- Deploying Office 2003 in a Multilingual Environment and it will presented Wednesday, June 8 from 3:45-5:00 pm in room N220 A.   Hey maybe we will see you at the presentation.