Take me home (I really mean home where I live).

Got an interesting questions from someone who bought there computer with Windows XP loaded on it in the United Kingdom.  They ask, "My desktop PC was purchased in UK but now I live in US. However microsoft.com and google.com still treat me as having a GB locale. How do I force US locale?"

What is happening is that Internet Explorer is looking at the language preference variable found in IE's tool menu.  Most likely it is set as English (United Kingdom) -- en-GB, instead of English (United States) -- en-US.  Thus the server believes the computer is located in the UK instead of the US.  The answer is quick simple.  All they have to do is to remove English (United Kingdom) and replace it with English (United States) .  That way the servers will assume they are living in the US.

Actually they should be looking at the GeoID of the client which the location that is set in the Regional Tab of the Regional and Language Options Control Panel applet.  There is a win32 API that can query the system for its GeoID.  The call is GetGeoInfo.