2009 Year in Review

Another year's worth of stats from the world around us.

Due to the way the calendar falls this year I'm putting the year end post out on the last day of the year with no post Friday due to the holiday.

The number of posts for the year ended up at 256, one more than in either of the last two years, due to accidentally scheduling one post on a holiday.  The total number of posts stands at 1,016 having crossed past the one thousand mark earlier in December.

I continue to keep the all-time list of most popular articles in the sidebar on the website but here are the most read articles of 2009 and the most popular articles that were written in 2009.

Most Read Articles During 2009

  1. Preventing Anonymous Access (also #1 last year)
  2. How to: Enabling Streaming (also #2 last year)
  3. Inside the Standard Bindings: NetTcp (up from #4 last year)
  4. Configuring HTTP for Windows Vista (down from #3 last year)
  5. Making Sense of Transport Quotas (up from #8 last year)
  6. Inside the Standard Bindings: BasicHttp (down from #5 last year)
  7. Net.Tcp Port Sharing Sample, Part 1 (down from #6 last year)
  8. The ASP.NET MVC Tutorial (new to the list)
  9. Configuring HTTP (down from #7 last year)
  10. Configuring WCF for NATs and Firewalls (down from #9 last year)

The list of most frequently read articles continues to be quite stable.  This year an article made it into the overall top 10 in the same year that it was written.  For a second year no articles written in 2008 made the list. The most frequently read article written in 2008 is still DataMember Best Practices but it dropped from #12 to #16.

Most Read Articles Written in 2009

  1. The ASP.NET MVC Tutorial
  2. Message Framing, Part 1
  3. Binary Encoding, Part 1
  4. WCF Essentials Article Series
  5. Message Framing, Part 7
  6. Some History of the Named Pipe, Part 3
  7. Some History of the Named Pipe, Part 1
  8. What's New in WCF 4: Channels
  9. Stumbling on Extended Protection Policy
  10. Polling Duplex Sample with Silverlight 3