Moonlight 3 Preview 6

Moonlight, the Linux version of Silverlight, has produced its sixth preview release of Moonlight 3. I don’t announce every release that they do because the team has a very short development cycle; the last announcement I did was for the first preview release of Moonlight 3 and that was less than three months ago. The reason I picked this preview to call out is because it’s the one that gave me a “past the halfway mark” feeling relative to the goals they originally announced for Moonlight 3. I’m not quite ready to put a guess in for when they’ll be done though.

Some of the improvements from the last few months have been around text control styling, smooth streaming, socket support, compatibility with popular sites, and integration with Firefox and Chrome. Moonlight 3 Preview 6 is largely on the way to compatibility with the feature set of Silverlight 3.

You can download the Moonlight preview from the Mono site as well as file a bug report for any issues you find.