Microsoft Edge – no more legacy plug-ins and features

This article is part of a series of posts detailing specific compatibility tollgates for a modern web, and how you can take action to make sure your site works as intended in the world of modern web browsers:

No more legacy plug-ins and features

Why is it important?

As your visitors access your website from a plug-in free browser or device they expect the site to function normally. If you’re using plug-ins or unsupported features they may be missing out on content or features on your page.

What will we look for?

We check if the webpage has a plug-in other than Adobe Flash and PDF. Microsoft, and other industry leaders have embraced a vision of progressing the web towards a plugin-free experience.

How can you fix it?

We suggest building a plug-in free experience with web standards like HTML5 & CSS3 to reach the widest possible audience across browsers and devices.

Where can you learn more?