Why should you care about Microsoft Edge?

This post is a short intro to a 5-part mini-series.

imageMicrosoft Edge is our browser for the new, modern web built exclusively for Windows 10.

It’s engineered to enable you to go beyond browsing the web and to start experiencing a more personal and productive web.

It’s not packed with legacy support. Nor will it render your site differently based on some flags. It will however treat your site the way it’s meant to – assuming you’ve done your part.

The thing is though – Edge will be installed on every Windows 10 installation.

Every. Single. One.

Think about it - That’s several million installations already, and a lot more adding to those numbers each day.

Edge is not another new version of Internet Explorer.
It is something completely different.

It is unique.

Making sure your website works in Microsoft Edge

We will try to help you circle some of the common pitfalls we’ve identified when it comes to compatibility. We will specifically look at these five issues:

Each of these posts will contain a Why? What? How? And Where? Section aimed at guiding you in the right direction to fix your website.

The Compatibility View list

If, for some reason, we or your users detect and report that your site is not functioning properly in the browser it could end up on the Compatibility View list – basically saying that it’s rendering for the not-so-modern web. If this happens to your site but you think that it’s incorrect and you wish to be removed from the list, reach out to iepo@microsoft.com.



Tools made by us, for you to use, at your convenience

At http://dev.modern.ie you’ll find useful tools that we’ve created for you to make sure your users get the best experience possible when visiting your website from different browsers.


Some of the things you can do at dev.modern.ie:

And, last but not least, check out the recorded sessions from Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2015 over at Channel 9 for some really interesting insights into Edge.