Where Have I Been?

After trying to start up blogging, I failed to make it part of my regular routine. I think I found it hard to come up with topics. Working on a v1 product is fun, but it also means no existing customer base or products to blog about. I think I find it much easier to blog about product features and customer scenarios than abstract concepts.

Well now that we’ve shipped Beta 2 of VS2010 I’m overwhelmed with topics and have been able to keep up a daily post on our team blog, and I’ve been doing it for about three weeks! That is a record for me, and it is becoming more of a habit. I don’t plan on keeping a one-a-day pace forever, but I’m hoping this experience makes it easier for me to keep up a regular pace.

Also, I’ve been using a netbook at home now which I find incredibly convenient. I’m online much more often in the evenings now, while watching tv and such. With the help of Windows Live Writer, adding a new blog post is trivial, so all I really need is a topic.