Blank Team Project Admin page - Scrum for Team System

I hit a weird error with Scrum for Team System where a new installation didn’t show the “admin” page for creating new teams and environments.  Of course, I was baffled.  Someone found a nice fix and posted on the forums:  Blank Team Project Admin page - Scrum for Team System.

In my case, TFS is running on Windows Server 2003 (at least, this one is). I went to the default web site, where WSS 2.0 is installed, right-clicked on the ScrumForTeamSystem virtual directory (it wasn’t set as an application), and looked at the “directory” tab.  The application name wasn’t set yet, but the “create” button was just to the right of it.  Clicking that “create” button converted the virtual directory into an application.  The List Manager now works, and I have teams and environments to work with.