More places to look for Team System Information

I just finished the OnRamp240 event in Charlotte yesterday, and there were a couple of items that they wanted me to post. So, here goes:

Project structure, branching, and promotion guidance from some Microsoft specialists in that area.

Lots of "what to do", "why to do it", and "how to do it" advice on Team System from our patterns and practices group.

Visual Studio Team System Basics Training

A Virtual PC 2004 image with intermediate-level hands-on labs. It's a very good way to learn your way around Team System. The version from last autumn expired; retrieve this one if you need to keep working with it.

It can be used with Virtual PC 2007 or Virtual Server 2005 R2.

Advanced Use Case Modeling: Software Systems, Vol. 1 (Amazon link)

Advanced Use Case Modeling: Software Systems, Vol. 1 (Barnes & Noble link)

Frank Armour and Randy Miller's book on Use Cases. The ISBN is "0201615924", in case you'd like to purchase from another site.

Writing Good Scenarios

While I'm plugging Randy Miller, here's a link from his blog on writing Scenarios.

This redirects to Accentient's site. It's a good place to find lots of add-ins for Team System.

If you want a self-guided tour of Team System, it's a good place to start. It also links a number of our VSIP partner tools.

Become a Visual Studio Industry Partner

Download the software development kit

In case you hadn't heard of "VSIP", you can be a member of the Visual Studio Industry Partners by downloading the SDK on this page. If you want more benefits, elect to become an official member by signing up at the "Become a Visual Studio Industry Partner" link.

By the way, I have incorrect email addresses for some of you. If you haven't received follow up information from the OnRamp events then (1) I don't have your email address or (2) The email address I have for you is wrong.