New and Notable February 2009

Well, we had our first Atlanta Biztalk User Group meeting on February 10th, and I missed it—I just notice that Chad Brooks posted the info.  I hope that there’s another meeting next month.  CTS opened an Atlanta office, and they brought the BizTalk group with them.  Registration for the Georgia chapter is at, and they met at Georgia Power, on Ralph McGill Boulevard downtown, by the Civic Center.

This has been brewing in the Atlanta community for years.  We started an Integration user group a few years ago, but now we have something finally moving.  Thanks to CTS for helping us get started!  I have attached the invitation below....(read more)

You’ll find a lot of other Atlanta-based events at, run by Brendon Schwartz and Matt Ranlett.  Those guys have been busy lately (especially Brendon)—they have a new book out: Social Computing with Microsoft SharePoint 2007.  They also collaborated on Professional SharePoint 2007 Development, too (with a horde of other authors).