Setting up the SCOM TFS Connector CTP

I’m glad I set up the CTP of the new TFS SCOM connector. For one thing, it prompted me to set up System Center Operations Manager, which has the TFS SCOM Pack for monitoring TFS. I haven’t been able to show that until now, and it’s a good add-in to have.

Brian Harry and Jason Zander have both blogged about the new connector.  It takes advantage of the AviCode pack to provide a stack trace of what went wrong in production and sync it as an operational issue back to TFS.  It’s like having a lighter-weight version of Intellitrace—it won’t go as deep, but it might be deep enough for production. If it’s not, we’ve announced a production-ready version of Intellitrace for v.Next.

The interesting part is that I had to go through a couple of workarounds to get the SCOM and the AviCode pack installed. For SCOM, I needed a TCP/IP addressable SQL Server, so I had to make a configuration change there. I also have a 2008 R2 database, so I needed to install the SCOM database manually, per these instructions.

For AviCode, I had to install a number of required prerequisite management packs—the IIS 2008 and 2003 packs. There were several. If you can’t figure out which ones are missing, look in the application log of the event viewer (see this thread). Secondly, I had to configure the SEViewer database. Because I ‘m running as dbo, I had to edit the grant permissions script in the SEViewer configuration and remove the lines adding datareader and datawriter role members to the database (see this thread).  Finally, I had to grant my application pool account datareader and datawriter role membership for that database.

I had to manually add the servers to monitor and the run-as account.

I’d like to add all the steps, but for right now I wanted to put the troubleshooting information I’d found so far in a blog post.