Ways to associate a host name with your machine

I show a lot of web applications on my laptop. One of the nice things about IIS is that you can have multiple host names associated with your machine (like “www.contoso.com” and “ftp.contoso.com” and “finance.contoso.com”), but you can have several sites that only respond to each name.

First, you can add the alias to your machine by using the command-line tool “netdom” and then updating your DNS records:

C:\> NETDOM COMPUTERNAME <primary machine name> /Add <newname.domain.com>


There are other options described at “Adding IIS Host Headers in DNS using Netdom utliity” and “Multiple names for one computer - Consolidate your SMB file servers without breaking UNC paths”.

Then you go into the IIS Console, create a new site, and set the site binding to use the new host name