New on the Bookshelf: AX 2009 Development Cookbook

Packt Publishing has released yet another AX development book, this one is called Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Development Cookbook. The book contains “recipes” logically grouped into chapters. Each recipe explains the steps you must follow to accomplish a particular task with some additional information about how it works.

On the plus side, the format is one of the book’s strongest points. Each recipe starts with the “how to” information so you can jump right into what you need to do and avoid having to wade through a lot of explanation about the feature.

On the downside, the book contains quite a few grammatical errors which seems to be a common theme among the Pakt books (at least the ones that I have read). In addition, the book covers a wide range of topics from working with forms to integration with Microsoft Office to business tasks such as creating journals. So you might want to check out the table of contents to see if it has recipes that you’ll need. Unless you like to collect cookbooks just in case you might want the recipe someday. Which I completely understand, because, hey, you can’t read it if you don’t have it.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Development Cookbook was written by Mindaugas Pocius and published by Packt Publishing. The chapter Working with Forms is available to download for free. For a list of other books about development in Microsoft Dynamics AX, check out the Books page on our MSDN Developer Center.