Top 10 Reasons to Attend the AX Tech Conference

Here are my top 10 reasons to attend the Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Conference.

  1. Rub elbows with AX industry luminaries. Or at least bump in to a PM or SDET from the product team. In this conference, the break-out sessions are all highly technical and presented by the developers, testers, PMs and writers that worked on the features. So your chances are good that you'll run into someone that has actually worked on the product. Bring your list of questions or your feedback.
  2. Stay ahead of the curve. This is an opportunity to take a forward-looking view and see what features are coming in the new version. You'll get a glimpse of the new features in AX and understand what they mean for you.
  3. Get your burning questions answered. Whether your company is already working with the new version of AX through TAP or your company is just considering the move to AX, this is the place to get your technical questions answered.
  4. Network with your peers. This is without a doubt the best opportunity for AX geeks to get to meet other AX geeks. No other conference brings together as many Dynamics techies as this one, so this is a great opportunity to find out what other companies are doing and how they are solving technical problems, uh, I mean challenges. Be sure to bring a stack of business cards.
  5. Cool Swag. They're still working out the details, but in usual MS fashion, each attendee will get an assortment of cool goodies. Your co-workers will be envious.
  6. Free software. Every attendee gets a pre-release version of AX to take back with them.
  7. Hands-on experience. Sure, you can hear all about the next AX in the sessions, presentations, and round tables. But you can also actually log some computer time and work with the product in the labs. The labs are all staffed so you can ask questions while you're taking a test drive.
  8. Learn about the new features for developers and admins. Through deep-dive technical sessions, you'll learn about the new features specifically for developers and administrators. Not only will you learn the nitty gritty details, but you'll also learn about why features were implemented and the strategy behind them.
  9. Understand the new product features for business users. This is a technical conference, but it's also an opportunity to learn about the product changes for business users. This is news you can use if you're developing business solutions, customizing modules or working with customers on implementations.
  10. Visit the company store. As if basking in the glow of the Microsoft campus wasn't incentive enough, you also get the chance to visit the company store. And this means two things: more Microsoft branded doo-dads than you can shake a stick at and discounted software. Nuff said.