EF FAQ updated - v0.3

I've not spent near as much time on this as I would like, but this morning, I decided to do a quick update.  New questions include:

· 7.5 Does the EDM support guids?

· 7.6 Does the EDM/EF support enums?

· 10.3 Can you use a guid property as part of an entity key?

· 10.4 Can I use a server-generated guid as my entity key?

· 18.2 How can I do a filtered load of a relationship?

· 18.3 How can I see the SQL which will be sent to the backend database as a result of my query?

· 20.2 Is it possible to serialize a graph of related entities? Why am I only getting one entity at a time when I do XML serialization?

· 20.3 Is it possible to serialize the ObjectContext?

· 20.4 How do I serialize derived entity types over a WCF service with DataContract serialization?

Have a look at http://blogs.msdn.com/dsimmons/pages/entity-framework-faq.aspx