DST end date change for West Bank and Gaza

Microsoft has received official decree verifying the change in daylight savings end date for West Bank and Gaza regions. It was previously scheduled to end on October 20, 2016 at  24:00. Instead, DST now ends on October 29, 2016 at 01:00. Microsoft is preparing an update to Windows which will reflect these policy changes. We anticipate this update will be made available in December 2016.

Interim Guidance

While we plan to release a data update, there was insufficient lead time before the policy change took effect.  Therefore, we offer the following guidance temporary workaround until such an update can be properly created, tested, distributed, and installed.

Our official policy statement can be found on the site at microsoft.com/time.

Until an update is made available, we recommend our customers to continue using time zone “(UTC +03:00) Istanbul”. We recommend switching back to “(UTC +02:00) Gaza, Hebron” once the Windows Update is made available as it will properly account for historical time data for this region.