Upcoming Windows DST Update for Chile and Mexico

Microsoft is preparing update to address recent time zone data changes in Chile and Mexico. Details are as below:

Chile will remain in DST from this year on, thus its UTC offset will be updated to UTC-3:00, display name of time zone "Pacific SA Standard Time" will be updated to "(UTC-3:00) Santiago", and no DST will be observed.

Quintana Roo in Mexico is moving from UTC-6:00 to UTC-5:00. New time zone "Eastern Standard Time (Mexico)" will be created with display name "(UTC-5:00) Chetumal" and DST rules:

  • Start: first Sunday of April @ 2:00am moving forward the clock one hour
  • End: last Sunday of October @ 2:00am moving backward the clock one hour

Microsoft is planning to release this update on Hotfix server at the beginning of March, 2015.