Important events: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2 end of life and Team Explorer 2008 Forward Compatibility Update (GDR) released


  • Just wanted to remind everyone that on January 12, 2010, main stream support for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 will end. In order to remain eligible for support, users of SQL 2005 will need to upgrade to SP3. Customers who do not upgrade will need to have custom support agreement to get continued support on SP2.  SQL Release Services has blogged about this here.


  • The Team Explorer 2008 Forward Compatibility Update (GDR) is available now at this link. This is an update for the 2008 SP1 version of Visual Studio Team System Team Explorer and allows the 2008 SP1 version to work with the Team Foundation Server 2010. The update will allow teams to move forward and use the Team Foundation Server 2010 server even if part of the team continues to use the Team Explorer 2008 SP1 client.  For those of you on TE \ VS 2005, I am afraid you cannot use TFS 2010 yet, but there is a “Team Explorer 2005 Forward Compatibility Update (GDR)” expected around the RTM of TFS 2010 that will make the three compatible.  Further details on that are available here.

- Trev