TFS 2008 Reports Fix (for issues when using SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services) Released Publically


As promised some time ago, we have now put this fix up for public consumption. You no longer need to contact Microsoft support in order to acquire this fix. We have also included localized copies of the fixed reports with this release, including versions in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Russian. The “installation” is still a manual one – there is not a single .EXE you just run in order to fix up your reports – but the process is pretty straight forward, though perhaps a little arduous if you have a lot of projects to update. If you do have just too many projects to update manually, drop us a line in TFS support and we may be able to help you out with a more automated way of patching. Once again, this support call should be free because this overall issue is considered a bug. You may be asked to provide a PID, MSDN incident or credit card to open the issue, but it will be refunded.