TfsAdminUtil.exe From TFS 2008 SP1 'ConfigureConnections' Fails

This post comes from Wendell Philips, formerly of our TFS setup support team, but now a member of the config support team. Seems that Wendell was working with a customer on a SQL Server Reporting Services issue the other day (as it relates to TFS, of course) and came upon a problem with the "ConfigureConnections" command on the TFS 2008 SP1 version of TFSAdminUtil.exe. Wendell and his customer found the need to set configuration information for SQL Server Reporting Services in the database for Team Foundation. To that end they were running this command (for the sake of this BLOG post, "SSRS_Server" is the name of the server which hosts SQL Server Reporting Services for TFS):

TfsAdminUtil ConfigureConnections /ReportServerUri:http://SSRS_Server/ReportServer

This command is supposed to update the TfsIntegration!tbl_service_interface table table on the TFS DT, setting the "URL" column where "NAME" column = ReportsService. To be fair, it is still doing that, but it is setting the URL column to this, *incorrect* value when execute as detailed above....


Rather than the correct value...


The command is supposed to fully qualify the URI parameter for you by appending /ReportService.asmx to the value you passed. It does that, but it also *removes* the  "ReportServer" part of the path.


FIX: Use this TfsAdminUtil command instead (remove the word-wrap). This does not rely on the utility to fully qualify the path - you are doing it yourself...

TfsAdminUtil ConfigureConnections**