Is Javascript code always so full of bugs?

Slightly off topic... The "debugging options" got turned on in my browser recently. I think this happened when I was debugging some web code in Visual Studio.

From this, it's been interesting to see how regularly my web browsing experience is now interrupted by what must surely be outright bugs in Javascript code. Very often these are null object errors. I've always been more than sceptical about Javascript as a language for writing reliable, correct, reusable, efficient code (something F# is obviously good at - and yes, you can compile it to Javascript). But is this kind of bug really the new black? 

Separately, I've noticed an extremely disturbing increase in the number of "this web page is not responding" errors. A good time for those working on automated termination proofs to apply their talents to termination of Javascript code...

What really surprises me is that basic code correctness issues such as programming-without-the-curse-of-nulls do not seem to feature on the minds of those on the Lang.NEXT panel. I guess that when your language doesn't control nulls, you don't think its a problem.