This Monday at the SF Bay Area F# Meetup: Building a customizable business rules engine with F#

This Monday the San Francisco Bay Area F# Meetup will be hearing from Jon Harrop on the topic of "Building a customizable business rules engine with F#"

Business rules are the core of business applications; yet, once an application is deployed, it is often cumbersome and expensive to update existing rules. This problem is particularly important in some industries, like finance, where new products, which require new rules, are introduced on a regular basis. In this talk, Jon Harrop will demonstrate how F# can be used to address that issue. Jon built a bespoke business rule engine with F#, using pattern matching and his own lexer/parser/interpreter, which allows users to define, manipulate and test rules in real time, in a live application, using a WPF user interface - under 800 lines of F# code.

The speaker

Dr Jon Harrop, BA MA MSci PhD (Cantab), is the managing director and co-founder of Flying Frog Consultancy. He worked as a graphic design artist and computer programmer in industry from 1992 before earning four degrees in the physical sciences from the University of Cambridge. Jon is the primary author of The F#.NET Journal articles (2007-2010) and books such as OCaml for Scientists (2005), F# for Scientists (2007), Visual F# 2010 for Technical Computing (2009) and the forthcoming Multicore .NET, as well as a coauthor of New Intelligent Printing Techniques (1995), Smart Cards in Transport (1997), The Future of Chipless Smart Labels (2002) and dozens of other books.