Do you have good eye for details?

My wife is seeking a job (by the way, aren't you looking for an experienced psychologist in Dublin, specialized for children? :) ) and we were going thru all these crazy expressions - like good eye for details, etc. So, I started thinking if I have a good eye for details and came to the conclusion that yes, I have, but I usually miss them. :)  Here's my story from this morning: my mother and brother were here for visiting us. Yesterday was their last day here, today they are flying back to Hungary. Obviously, this was the longest night of the week, I got to bed after a few whiskies and beers, a bit later than 1 o'clock. Kati, my wife was doing all kinds of miracles to me to avoid the headache in the mornings meeting at our Customers. Back in time, just a few hours, I was quite surprised that my boss sent me a meeting request yesterday afternoon about this meeting - what a short notice.

Woke up at 7:30 with no headache but with a bit of balance. Struggled for about 15 minutes, then finally got out from the bed and started washing my teeth. I was running late. I had to run to catch the tram. I just seen the tram arriving and the queue at the ticket machine. So, I ran across the rails to the other tram stop to buy the ticket there. It was 10 cents more that what I expected (and had the exact amount minus 10 cents in my pocket), so I tried my 5 EUR notes. It didn't accept that one. I pulled off a 20 EUR notes and smashed it to the machine. It accepted and I felt myself a winner again, when it gave me back 18 EUR coins. Of course, I missed the tram. No problem, the next one came in 3 minutes, with an awful lot of people. I really had to stick myself among the passengers where they were standing like sardines in the box.

The tram has arrived to the Stephen's Green stop, I was walking from there in 10 minutes, making an unbeatable record. Finally, I got to the Customer, at 9:02. Called my boss, who meant to be there too, asking where he is. He didn't answer the phone. Then, when I hang the call, I realized that the location for the meeting is "Confcall" - thanks to Windows mobile. I had THAT feeling for a second. At this stage, my boss called me and asked what's up. I didn't tell him what happened, just told him that I'm going to dial in in a second. Finally, I did the confcall from the street next to the Customer's office. Our Customer was also on the train - I heard from the background noises. Lesson learned: have a good eye for the details! On the way back, I was laughing for long minutes. I have seen people with that stressful face that I had a few minutes ago. So, this is my story for today. Have a nice day and don't overlook the details! :)