"No report servers were found on the specified machine."

You get this error message when starting the Reporting Services Configuration tool from the SQL Server 2005 program group. Even if

  • the Report center runs fine (with Excel reports) on your SharePoint box,
  • you have SQL Server 2005 SP2 installed
  • you installed the SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Add-in for SharePoint package

The resolution is to go to Add/Remove programs, click "Change" on the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 package, click on the "To install a new component, click here" link, point to your SQL Server 2005 installer's setup.exe file, then after a few Next-Nexts, select and install Reporting Services. Don't be bothered, if the already installed components are not appeared as installed.

After finished with the setup, re-run SQL Server 2005 SP2 to make sure that the SharePoint integration works OK. You might need to reboot your system.

After reboot, I suggest re-running SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Add-in for SharePoint package (download.microsoft.com/download/f/d/c/fdcb3a53-0cb1-4e67-a1b6-45b89b3c59cf/SharePointRS.msi).

Then, you can start configuring Reporting Services: start Reporting Services Configuration Manager from the SQL Server program group in Start menu and make sure that all the points at the left are OK (green). What I did was:

  1. went to Server Status, started the Reporting service, then
  2. went to Report Server Virtual Directory, created a new one under the Portal (port 80) website, called ReportServer
  3. went to Database Setup, clicked New, selected the checkbox at the bottom of the window to make sure that the database is created in SharePoint integrated mode then created the database.
  4. Created a new application pool at the Web Service Identity menu with LocalSystem
  5. Went to SharePoint integration, clicked on the link that opens SharePoint Central Administration and noticed the new menu "Reporting Services" group at Application Management.
  6. Clicked on Integration settings in the browser, typed <demo1/ReportServer> (the URL created at the 2st step), chose Windows authentication and clicked OK
  7. Ran iisreset and restarted the whole box, because I couldn't see the new items under the New menu at the Reports document library of my Reports Center
  8. Then, I found that I have to add these as a content types to my list, so I went to my Reports document library Settings and added the 3 content types (Model, Report, Data Source) from the Reporting content type group. Now, they appear under the New menu
  9. Then, I found that the Reporting Service is not running. Started with the Reporting Services Configuration Manager

Now, it all works! I can create Datasources, Models, I'm currently in a process of setting up my new model in Microsoft Report Builder (a ClickOnce application installed by the Reporting Services Add-in). Seems to be nice, it worth configuring for 2 hours! :)

Hope that helps.