Application & Multi-Server Management

@ the SQL PASS Summit on 11/20 we announced our plans to release new capabilities for improving the collaboration between Data-Tier Developers and DBA and to address Multi-Server (or multi-instance) manageability for SQL Server.

Anthony Carrabino has a great posting describing these capabilities. I won’t repeat Anthony here.

In addition, I recorded a session Joey Snow from Technet Edge. This gives you a quick overview along with a demo.

I’ve been working with the team on this for about 4 months. We started work on this early in the Katmai release and had to put it on the shelf for several months (and I mean several months). It’s very exciting to see that early work start to come to life.

There are a couple of points I want to be sure are clearly understood:

1) We are building on our existing technology investments. This includes Policy-based Management, Data Collector, SMO, PowerShell, and others.

2) The first set of functionality – the foundation, if you will – will be available in SQL Server Kilimanjaro. This release is scheduled for the first half (H1) of calendar year 2010.

I’m very excited with what we’re going to deliver in Kilimanjaro and beyond. My early take is this stuff will forever change the database business.