Automating DBA Processes – the White Paper

A while back I participated in a round table on automating DBA tasks. From that event a few folks produced a white paper on automating DBA processes. Regardless of your experience level you should pull it down and read it. You’ll need to provide a little information to Quest in order to get to the actual download page; I guess that’s a small price to pay for access to genius!


To whet your appetite here are the names that were involved:

Kevin Kline, Quest Software

Contributing Authors
Allen White, Scalability Experts
Brent Ozar, Quest Software
Rod Colledge,, author of “SQL Server 2008 Administration in Action”

Round Table Contributors
Dan Jones, Program Manager, SQL Server, Microsoft
Thomas LaRock, Database Engineering Lead, investment management company
Charley Hanania, Production Product Owner, SQL Server, UBS
Jonathan Kehayias, SQL Server DBA, OSI Restaurant Partners Inc.

Code Contributors
Michelle Ufford, Senior Database Administrator, GoDaddy
Bart Duncan, Software Engineer, Microsoft
Paul Ibison, SQL Server MVP
Ola Hallengren, Database Administrator, Sweden
Glenn Berry, Database Architect, NewsGator
Chad Miller, Senior DBA Manager, Raymond James