Microsoft Connect Resolution Reasons

In SQL Server we use Visual Studio Team System to track all of our work. There is a back-end integration between the Microsoft Connect site and our VSTS database. When an item is submitted through the Connect site it eventually flows to our VSTS database. We, the product group, can manage the bug directly from within VSTS and certain data flow back to the item in the Connect database.

One of the properties which goes back is the resolution reason. Here are the resolution reasons along with a brief description. As with many attributes there are exceptions; this simply means that not everyone applies exactly the same precise definition and in some cases the wrong reason maybe selected. In other words, use this as a general guideline but not as a hammer.

  • Fixed: If the item is a defect (a bug in the system) this resolution means it was fixed. If the item was a feature suggestion it means it was added to the product. It may not have been added to the exact specification in the Connect item but the general spirit was implemented.
  • Won't Fix: If the item is a defect this generally means we've verified it is a problem but we have no plans of ever addressing it. If the item is a feature suggestion is too means we have no plans of ever addressing it.
  • By Design: This generally only applies to defects. It means that we've verified the reported behavior but we believe this behavior is expected and therefore is not a defect. For example, cannot install BIDS on IA64.
  • Not Repro: It means that we are unable to verify (reproduce) the reported behavior. I know this one can be extremely frustrating. The more detailed the defect report the better are the chances we'll be able to verify it. I blogged about this back in January. We cannot fix what we cannot reproduce. Depending on the criticality/severity of the defect we will spend varying degrees of time attempting to verify it. Defects that are more severe will get more attention. Just remember we're under constraints just like you.
  • Duplicate: This simply means the defect or feature request has already been submitted. Often I'll attempt to keep the one opened through Connect as the master so the community can track it. If multiple come through Connect I'll try paste the URL to the original when I close the duplicate.
  • External: This means the issue does not belong to SQL Server. It could be a Windows or Visual Studio problem. Unfortunately we don't have a robust system for moving bugs around. We have to close it in one VSTS database and open it another. This results in a broken link to Connect .

I hope this information helps you to decode the resolution of your submitted items. Remember, sometimes the person closing the item selects the wrong reason or doesn't provide a complete description explaining the resolution. We try hard to be thoughtful and communicative but sometimes stuff happens.