Now is the time for Connect!

Of course I'm referring to Microsoft Connect. Since we've released SQL2K8 we're now deep in the planning for the next release. I know for some of you (likely a lot of you) you are still learning the new functionality in SQL2K8 but now is the time to get your feature requests submitted. Aaron Bertrand, a SQL Server MVP, has already started submitting his ideas for Management Studio. You can find his list and a pointer to his Connect items on his blog. As Aaron knows, submitting it through Connect isn't a guarantee it makes it into the product but getting it on our radar is the first step. Those items which have a large number of votes with a high rating do get our attention. Intellisense, Object Search, and the T-SQL Debugger are examples of that in SQL2K8. Each of these was a community item that had a lot of votes and a high rating. Trust me when I say that Object Search took a lot of convincing to get it in the product and the main reason it made it was because of the community support. Get'em entered and vote on them! Pretty simple.